Episode 16: Follow Your Passion & Travel the World with 13,000 Friends – Meet Evita Robinson of NoMadness

One of the most outspoken, self assured and just all around exciting guests that we’ve had to date, Evita Turquoise Robinson lives up to the DOPENESS of her name.

A former freelancer in television production, Evita realized that traveling was her true passion and found a way to merge her skill set in production with this, documenting her travels with a vlog (video blog).

From there she went on to launch a platform where like minded urban millennials could meet, discuss all things travel and share experiences, tips and even link up in real life should their countries cross. 13,000 members, 1 collaboration with Issa Rae and 1 conference later, NoMadness has become one of the premiere destinations for all things worldly.

Check out how Evita has grown such a strong and now internationally recognized brand and her advice for finding a way to see the world, even on the tightest of budgets. This woman is so FIERCE, you will not be disappointed.

Check out her website and Instagram and learn more about her!


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