Episode 18: Gaining All The Work Experience You Need to Successfully Launch Your Own International Business, with Joy Moyler

Are you stuck in that limbo of working your 9-5 while maybe daydreaming about or working on your side hustle/career aspirations as an entrepreneur? It’s a tough call to make because you want you’re company is growing enough and sustainable, but you’d also love to hurry up and leave your job to start your new life as your own boss.

So, when do you make the call?

Some say just make the leap. Others say put in your time until you’ve learned what you need to know or are making enough money to support yourself. Some say 5 years. Others say 10.

While it differs for everyone, it’s always good to hear the many different ways this is possible, with Joy Moyler being one of the biggest success stories you can find. After working for numerous architecture and design firms, she learned all she possible could (while getting paid big bucks to do so), before launching her own international design firm, that boasts top clients and some of the most beautiful arrangements around.

Check out our interview below to hear how she was able to do all this and her advice for you to do the same!

Make sure you check out her website to see some of her portfolio as well!

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