Episode 7: How to Stand Out and Get Your Next Job with Attorney and TV Personality With John Burns

As more and more law school students graduate only to find that getting a job in the legal industry is basically just as difficult as surviving the Hunger Games, attorney John Burns is not only gainfully employed as a successful attorney at the DC based law firm of Krooth & Altman, but has worked his way up to being an in demand voice on all things legal from top media outlets including Huffington Post Live, BET and MSNBC.

John was cool enough to chat with us and share his top tips on not only breaking into the legal, but any competitive industry out there, which is basically all of them nowadays.  He also drops some invaluable knowledge on how to land yourself a great mentor that will not only guide you in your professional life, but your personal one as well, helping you achieve your best self and meet other talented and successful individuals.

Listen below and take note from someone who’s done it already!

Thanks again to John for his time and knowledge. If you have any follow up questions you’d like for us to ask him, feel free to leave us a note in the comments section and we’ll be sure to ask. Thanks for listening and see you next time!

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