Episode 8: Using Your Passion to Switch Careers and Dominate Any Industry You Want with Mike Muse

Hey guys! We are back with a gang of amazing business executives, philanthropists and entreprenuers who are ready to share all the tips, knowledge and keys to reaching success that they’ve amassed on their own journeys to the top.

Kicking off this year’s podcasts is the effervescent Mike Muse, former engineer turned college lecturer, radio and TV personality and friend of Obama, who he’s currently partnering with to empower black men as part of the President’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.

From speaking with Mike, it’s clear that he was always destined for greatness, and his ability to always be prepared for what life sends him, coupled with his infectious laughter and energy and passion to produce the best work he can has and will continue to propel him forward.

Check out my conversation below with Mike and prepare to be as inspired as I now am!

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