EvanTubeHD…Eight Year Old’s Youtube Makes Over $1 Million Per Year

If you had any inkling of a belief that you did something significant when you were 8 years old, Evan is here to tell you that you were terribly wrong.

Evan is the 8 year old adorable kid behind EvanTubeHD, a family-friendly Youtube channel where he, and sometimes his mother or sister, host toy and video game reviews for a family-friendly crowd.

Sound normal enough? Well Evan’s channel brings in $1.3 million per year from advertisements.

What started off as a fun way for Evan and his dad to bond has now become a media conglomerate with its own dedicated sales team that sells advertisers either airtime before or after the video reviews or the chance to have their product featured and reviewed.

Evan’s father states that all money made from the channel goes into accounts for Evan and his sister’s future. What a great way for a family to bond while securing the financial future of their children. Hopefully this can inspire someone else to do the same for another age group.

Check out one of Evan’s million-dollar reviews below and let us know what you think…worth a million dollars? And peep how he does his sister dirty at the end LOL