EX-NFLer Gives Away 139th Home to A Single Mother

While many retired professional athletes (and current ones…sadly) continue to live beyond their means, filing bankruptcy once their funds run dry and serve as reminders to be financially literate and careful, Warrick Dunn is doing everything BUT becoming another sad story.

Recently, Dunn, along with his non-profit, donated hisĀ 144th home to a single mother, continuing his post-athletic career goal of making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged families through granting them the gift of home ownership. Over the past 18 years, Dunn has helped families move into homes, providing children with a much needed sense of stability and parents with a little piece of mind in an already difficult situation (many live at or below the poverty line).

This is not only noble of, but most also be bittersweet for the retired pro, as he lost his own mother at the age of 18 to gun violence and was forced to become the head of the household and raise his siblings.

Dunn serves as a great example of not letting tragedy dictate your future and living a life of compassion that leaves an unforgettable mark on the world.

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