Excuse Me?!? High School Coach Suspended For Being Too Good of A Winner

Southern California girls high school basketball coach, Michael Anderson, has been suspended for two games after his team’s Spartan war victory over what can only be described as a team of armless and legless babies, by a score of 161-2. No, that’s not a typo — they won by 159 points.

When interviewed, he stated that he tried to reel the game in by only playing reserves after the first half and that he had no idea that the other team would be that bad.

His team has gone on to win their first game of his two-game suspension, 80-19, showing that they really are just that good.

This leads to the question, was their coach really in the wrong for training a team of young ladies to be elite athletes and teaching them to be fierce competitors?

Truthfully, in our opinion, the coach that needed to be FIRED was the one who could only get 5 able bodied girls to score one basket in 40 minutes; he should be banned from coaching ever again because we refuse to believe anyone is THAT bad.

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