Eyewitness to Michael Brown’s Death Tells His Side Of the Story

While the Ferguson, Missouri police department paints a picture of a cop who acted in self defense, killing an aggressive teenager who fought with his arresting officer and attempted to take his gun from him, Dorian Johnson, a close friend of the victim and eyewitness who was less than five feet away, has a very different story to tell.

In an exclusive interview with MSNBC, Johnson speaks on his own recollection of the fateful afternoon of August 9th, when he watched his friend get shot to death. He and several other witnesses state the officer in question ordered Brown to “get the f… onto the sidewalk” and as Brown attempted to surrender and put his arms in the air, he was repeatedly shot at by the officer and left for dead in the middle of the street.

The Ferguson Police Department has asked the St. Louis County police to step in and take over the investigation as to what exactly occurred. The identity of the officer involved is being kept a secret as the death threats multiply on a daily basis.

Tensions continue to rise as residents of Ferguson become more enraged with the weekend’s happenings, the lack of empathy by law enforcement officials for this tragic death and the blatant attempts at dismissal of this event. Riots and looting have overtaken the city with many protesters being silences with rubber bullets, tear gas and other methods of crowd control.

Our condolences go out to Brown’s family and friends and the people of Ferguson; may justice truly be served.