Father Teaches Bully Son a Lesson; Makes Him Fight Professional Boxer

While the video has become a controversial topic of discussion, this man should really be named Father of the Year.

Upon learning that his son had been bullying other, a concerned father decided to put a quick end to his son’s behavior by making him “pick on someone his own size”.

In the Youtube video, you see the son get in the ring and lose terribly to a professional boxer, who is clearly not even trying, as he fights the teen with just one hand at times. At the halfway mark, the boxer is switched out for a younger boxer, from who the boy still can’t defend himself.

The father can be heard on the side of the ring yelling, “Hit back tough guy”, which is basically the black male equivalent to “Told you so”.

The video has already amassed 2.5 million views and of course, tons of supporters and protesters. Check it out below and sound off on your thoughts on this father’s actions.

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