Fetty Wap Gives Young Boy the Confidence to Toss His Own Prosthetic Eye

While many people like to make jokes at the expense of William Maxwell AKA Fetty Wap, the 25 year old rapper is simply continuing to churn out hit after hit and laugh all the way to the bank and the top of the charts.

An added benefit of his recent success is his ability to inspire others to not only follow their dreams, whatever they may be, but to accept themselves, flaws and all. Brenda Vaden recently took to Instagram to thank the rapper for the courage he helped her son, Jayden, find to feel confident enough to face the world without his prosthetic eye.

Jayden lost his eye when he was younger and had always worn a prosthesis until he came across the rapper and felt inspired to follow in his footsteps, and be confident enough to face the world just as he is.

Brenda made sure to tag Fetty in her post, who was moved enough to thank her for the kind words, praise her son for his strength and courage and add that “…it’s not about how you look or what you see, it’s how you see it and what you’re looking for from yourself”.

Fetty has already accomplished what other rappers have never been able to, having four hit singles in the Billboard top 10 at the same time, and at just 25 years of age, I’m sure we can expect even more from this insightful and talented young man.

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