Finally! A Former NASA Employee Creates App With Diverse Emojis!

I think we’ve all gotten used to using this emoji for a black woman before bed indian turban emojiand that being the extent of the diversity we can find while scrolling through our iPhone (aside from the racist Asian one and MAYBE the one with the mustache that is possible Hispanic?)

One former NASA employee, Katrina Parrot, has finally changed that and many inside jokes in group chats will have her to thank from now on.

At NASA, Parrot was a program manager, but after being laid off and having a lot more free time, she purchased Apple’s Developer Program, hired an illustrator and began working on what has now become iDiversicons, which hit the app store in October 2013. In May 2014, she successfully raised $2,000 to improve the app and make it available for Droids through Google Play.

How the app works is that a user must go into the app, copy the emoji they wish to use and then paste it into their actual text conversation. Yes, that may add a few seconds to your messaging, but if that is the worst of your first world problems, then consider yourself lucky and think of how much funnier your jokes will be with the proper illustration.

While Apple addressed the issue of their emoji diversity earlier this year, they have yet to do anything about it. Parrot is in talks to partner with Apple for use of her emojis, but as to be expected, the ball is moving very slowly.

I’m on my way to download this app right now and I want to apologize to my friends right now for the flooding of emojis they are about to receive.