FINALLY! Jon Stewart Goes IN On Media’s Coverage of Mike Brown Shooting

After a week long hiatus for vacation, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show returned with new episodes and I COULD NOT be any happier.

I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about “white allies” to the cause, namely the prolific amount of police brutality towards black men. While I applaud those of the Caucasian (and other) persuasion that do outwardly show their support for our community and publicly denounce the overzealous actions of police officers that has recently been coming to light, I cringe at the white ally term.


I think ANY human, white, black brown, green or yellow should be appalled by all the recent stories in the media as any human with compassion will simply see unarmed men or men who were attempting to comply with orders, being shot and killed for no other reason then apathy by those who are sworn to protect them. I do not think anyone, community leader or regular public citizen, should be overly lauded for simply doing what a sane and caring individual would naturally do. Is it because they’re white, that we should feel honored? I definitely don’t.

Stewart’s 10-minute HILARIOUS rant on the media’s portrayal of Mike Brown, the Ferguson protestors and the police officers involved hits on all the FACTS that many of us want to see, but either don’t have the platform or humorous finesse to say without being labeled “Angry Black Male/Female.”

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

We particularly loved:

1. When he called out Sean Hannity of the oh so one-sided Fox News, after Hannity stated that when he gets pulled over he tells the officer he’s carrying a licensed weapon and gets out of the car, lifts his shirt and shows the officer where it is. To which Stewart responded, “If only Michael Brown, instead of holding his hands over his head, had reached down to his waist and lifted up his shirt to show the gun he didn’t really have, this whole tragedy could have been avoided.” Insert Spike Lee/Michelle Obama side eye here.

2. Another news reporter says on a Ferguson broadcast, “You know who talks about race? Racists!” Stewart, who never seems to disappoint, responds, “Did you just, ‘he who smelt it dealt it, racism?!'”