#FirstWorldProblems; Three Flights Have Been Diverted…Over Passenger Fights for Legroom

Because we are a nation of entitled pricks who are not satisfied being able to FLY through the air and reach destinations in hours that used to take our ancestors months to get to, it’s only right that we take a minute to talk about a new flight trend that has been on the rise; quarreling passengers causing emergency landings over KNEE SPACE.

Granted, as a 5’10” female I am all too familiar with back, neck, knee and just overall aches and pains from contorting myself into spaces meant for the regular height people of America, but I have never been angry enough to intentionally land a plane and get myself arrested (even though I have SERIOUSLY thought about it). Clearly I’m alone on this…

For the third time in just over a week, a flight has been diverted because passenger arguments got a little to serious – all over RECLINING SEATS. Not to mention one of the women involved in the disputes to recline her seat so she could knit better. So you mean to tell me I can’t bring my 3-finger ring on the plane because you’re scared I’m going to use it as a weapon, but 8 inch sharp needles are ok?

Honestly, I’m not sure what type of passengers were on these flights because if my flight is about to be diverted over knee space, I am making sure both passengers are knocked unconscious until we peacefully arrive at our intended destination, where everyone can have all the legroom they want.

But seriously, we all know planes are cramped, so either splurge for first class or wear knee pads and suck it up for the flight.