Florida Barbershop Dishing Out Shapeups and Knowledge

Reggie Ross, owner of the Palm Beach County barbershop, Royal Touch Barbershop, is working to make sure his customers leave with more than just a new fresh cut.

“The barbershop is based on men coming together grooming each other to become better men, and I think ¬†books and education is a part of that.”

Younger customers are encouraged to read books while they wait for their cut and to even read aloud to Ross while he cuts their hair. With his emphasis on education and push for education, Ross hopes to help tackle the obscene levels of illiteracy among young black men in his community, where only 60% of black students graduate from high school.

“I come here to read and improve my knowledge, there’s just so many books here”, said Kane Roberts.

This is a great initiative and shows that small steps can have big results.

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