Former Editor Sues People Magazine for Racism

Tatsha Robertson, former senior editor of People Magazine has filed suit against her ex-employer, alleging she was terminated from her job for being black.

Robertson was fired back in May due to a “purported reduction in force” because of the color of her skin (according to her lawsuit). She is seeking damages against People, parent company Time Inc and her former boss, executive Betsy Gleick.

Robertson claims Gleick excluded her from meetings, dismissed her pitches for stories about victims of color and even verbally insulted her by saying, “You need to talk like everyone else here. You’re not at Essence [magazine] anymore.”

The sad part of it all is that Robertson was more than qualified for her position, holding a degree in English, a Masters in Journalism and working as an adjunct professor at NYU. She also thrived working under five Pulitzer Prize-winning editors, none having a bad thing to say about their time spent working with her.

Sounds like she may have end up never needing to work again by the end of this trial…