Former NFLer and Business Tycoon, Mel Farr, Dies At 70

On August 3rd, former running back for the Detroit Lions and automotive industry titan, Mel Farr, passed. He was 70 years old.

Selected seventh overall in the 1967 NFL Draft, named 1967 Offensive Rookie of the Year and 2x Pro-Bowl Selection, Farr left his mark in athletics as an elite athlete.

Following his professional career, he created a lucrative legacy for himself in the automotive sales industry, ultimately becoming the nation’s largest black-owned auto dealership and the 33rd largest in the U.S., earning an annual revenue of half a billion dollars in their best year.

He did this by leveraging the Ford’s family’s relationship with the Lions as part owners and working in their dealerships during his off-seasons, gathering the necessary knowledge and business acumen to ultimately strike out on his own after seven years of being a student of the industry.

It takes a special type of man to be able to excel at not one, but two distinctly different yet equally challenging industries. Through his life, he was a perfect example of the possibilities that can arise through hard work and simply wanting to expand your horizons.

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