Formerly Homeless Boy Helps Clean Up Those Still On The Streets

That picture you see above is not actually what you think.

One look at Donovan Smith’s collection of cakes, pies and doughnuts will leave your mouth watering and stomach growling; but unfortunately you’ll have to stay that way. As delectable as Donovan’s products may seem, they are actually completely inedible.

The 11 year old is the youngest vendor at Rail Yards Market in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he sells many of his delicious-looking soap products, which he makes from combining aloe vera and goat milk. His business, Toil and Trouble, has become a local hit and donates 20% of the proceeds to the Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico, the same organization that helped him and his mother get off the streets and back on their feet three years ago.

His mother, Casey, is a former Navy cryptologist living with PTSD and a leg injury  endured during her time serving, was unable to find a job at even a fast food restaurant, which continually turned her away and told her she was overqualified. The rate of homelessness among veterans is still disproportionately high, due to multiple factors such as PTSD, leading to issues such as substance abuse.

Things are finally looking up for the mother and son, as Casey now has a steady job and an apartment thanks in part to that same organization to which her son is now able to donate.