From D.C. General to Georgetown University

rashema18 year old Rashema Melson will be attending Georgetown University this fall as a freshman. So, what makes her story different from the other nearly 2,300 incoming collegiates? Rashema is class valedictorian of her high school, Anacostia High, will be attending Georgetown on a full scholarship, is the product of a single mother, as her father passed when she was 7 years old AND has managed to accomplish all of this while living in one room with her two brothers and mother at D.C. General, a homeless shelter.

Rashema vows to use her valedictorian speech to praise the amazing motivation she received from teachers and staff from Anacostia, which is usually known for being an academically lax inner-city school for underprivileged youths. Having been homeless for the past seven years, it’s quite obvious that Rashema’s will to succeed is indomitable as she is not only able to maintain top grades, but does so in an environment that is not conducive to the upbringing of a young adult.

We wish Rashema the best and are sure that we will be hearing of her amazing achievements and successes in the years to come.