From #icebucketchallenge to #paymytuitionchallenge…New Scholarship Alert!

With the recent success of the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” this summer, raising the organization an exponentially larger amount than they had raised this time last year (over $80 million!), a new movement is attempting to gain traction in the social media world with the hashtag #paymytuitionchallenge.

As we all know, and probably experience first hand, the student debt epidemic is causing huge issues among our generation. We are being forced to forgo or drastically postpone major milestones in our lives including moving out of our parents’ homes, buying our first houses, marrying and even having children all because these have no become intangible choices due to the debilitating demands of paying back our student loans.

We’ve all had to choose between a week of food, cable or paying Sallie Mae on time and we’ve ALL either hit that ignore button on our phones when we see that 800-number calling…or if you’re like me, answered and screamed at whoever was on the other line, even if it was just a recording.

With the new school year right around the corner, the public is calling on community leaders, celebrities and our government to help at least stop the trend of crippling college debt and help them pay for college with the #paymytuitionchallenge.  As to be expected, most of our figures of power have quickly given this the side eye or chosen to ignore it, but one company is stepping up to the challenge.

Blackboard, the education company we probably all used for classes to find our syllabi, homework assignments and more, has created a new scholarship program in response to the challenge. All a student needs to do is submit a video, photo or written response to the question “How will you use your education to make the world a better place?” The individuals with the most votes will be awarded a scholarship, with first place receiving $15,000 and two runners-up receiving $5,000 each.

Submissions are only being accepted until TOMORROW so if you know of anyone in school that could need the extra money, which I’m pretty sure is everyone in school, send them to the Blackboard site; here’s the link.