Georgia Barber Helps Discipline Kids By Creating An Army of 12 Year Old George Jeffersons

Russell Frederick, owner of Snelville, GA based A-1 Kutz is  not only a successful small business owner, but is slowly becoming the resident disciplinarian for the local male youth.

After a picture of a haircut he gave his 12 year old son for misbehaving went viral, local (and national) interest spiked in his method of discipline. His “hands off” approach to dishing out punishment means no beating, yet he didn’t think a time out would be enough. So what did he do?

He skillfully shave the top of his son’s head to make him look fresh out of The Jeffersons.

benjamin buttons pecial

Best part of all? It’s called the Benjamin Button Special and it’s FREE.

Since the picture went viral, his methods have become controversy, with some saying that it’s a hilarious and effective way to teach your kid a lesson, while others believe it is a form of emotional abuse (seriously…that’s why kids are going crazy…you can’t touch them without it being abuse *rolls eyes*).

To date, only one woman has taken Frederick up on the offer. I promise you if I have a son in the next few years and he acts up he will be their #1 customer.

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