Gifted Siblings Use Their Musical Talents to Raise Money for NYC’s Homeless

When siblings Lauren, Ashleigh and Christian (ages 9-11) moved with their mother from New Jersey to Manhattan, they were quick to feel compassion for the numerous homeless individuals populating the subway stations and streets.

Deciding they couldn’t ignore what they were witnessing, the children took action and with their mother’s encouragement, began to work to raise money they best way they knew. They set up their sheet music and instruments in downtown Manhattan at the Fulton Street subway station and performed classical tunes to the likes of Bach and Beethoven.

Within two hours, they were able to raise $240 and in total they have raised upwards of $500. They have plans to start donating a portion of their funds once they reach a certain amount and plan to devote their weekends to continued subway playing throughout the school year.

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