GINORMOUS 1,000 Foot Slip N Slide Coming to NYC

As the self-proclaimed queen of the germophobes, I highly doubt I will be able to partake in these festivities, but for all you normal people, NYC will have the best slip n slide ever this August.

A company by the name of Slide the City has plans to open pop up slip n slides across the nation this summer, including stops in NYC in August, Idaho (Boise), San Francisco, Salt Lake City and more.

They have yet to announce where in the city the slide will be and registration has not opened yet, but $20 will get you a ride of what is sure to be fun. You will need to either bring or buy an inner tube from them (you’ll be happy later when you’re not bruised up from hidden rocks under the slide).

$60 will get you unlimited rides all day, a water gun and a mouth guard. I promise you I will go just to watch the hilariousness that is sure to ensue as I know about 50% of people over 18 will be intoxicated.

This is what it will look like…

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