Girl Who Ran Away from Home Finds Inner Strength and Beauty

Raised in a severely strict Jehovah’s witness household, Kelsey Lu McJunkins ran away from home as a teenager to follow her passion; playing the cello.

With a full scholarship to attend North Carolina School of the Arts, Kelsey fled from home and was even forced to strip for a period of time to make ends meet.

She overcame a childhood of ridicule as a bi-racial girl from the south, overbearing parents who did what they could to keep her as modest and under their restraint as possible and having nothing but a love for music, to become a self-assured and beautiful young woman.

The What’s Underneath Project from Stylelikeu is an attempt to show the connection between body, style and mind. They strive to showcase that style is not just what you wear, but who you are underneath all those clothes and labels.

Check out the video below as Chelsea bares herself, both emotionally and physically, helping the project convey their message of being comfortable with yourself in anything, even your birthday suit.