Gmail Adds “Undo Send” Button to Save “Quick Clickers”

While I can definitively and proudly say that I have never sent a drunk e-mail (tipsy e-mails after a wine lunch at work don’t count), I can say that I have absolutely hit send on e-mails that I haven’t proofread and that made me look mildly illiterate or sent e-mails addressed to the wrong person, usually talking about the exact person who I accidentally sent the e-mail to.

Gmail has felt my pain and offered a solution. Users can now set their outgoing emails to have anywhere from a 5-30 second lag before actually going through, during which time you can choose to “unsend’ your email. To activate this feature, just click “Settings” and choose the amount of time you think you’ll need to realize you’reĀ email challengedĀ  like the rest of us.

Happy clicking!

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