Google Considers This College Student The World’s Best Technology Reviewer

Marques Brownlee may only be a 20 year old college student, but there is arguably no one better on the internet at explain new technology products to the average consumer; even Google’s former VP, Vic Gundotra agrees.

YouTube users are also in agreeance of the title, as Brownlee’s channel, MKBHD, boasts 1.5 million subscribers and 640 videos with 130 million views and counting.

Over the past five years, this young man has honed his craft, reviewing tons of technology gadgets to provide watchers with easy to view videos that are concise, comprehensible and enjoyable. A senior at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, Brownlee has always had an avid interest in technology and consumer electronics.

When he started high school and wanted to buy a new laptop for classes, the research he put into finding the best one for himself, including watching tutorials on different computers, sparked his interest in creating the same types of informational videos. His first few videos received no comments at all, but with time, patience and perseverance, the comments and views slowly started coming in. He began answering user-submitted questions through his videos and was able to grow his subscriber base over time.

The money he makes through Google AdSense from his reviews now more than cover his production costs, and the rising junior is enjoying balancing his school work with his budding online career.