Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons to Minorities & Women

In the wake of their recent report on the severe lack of minorities AND women working within their company and the technology field in general, Google has taken the first steps in resolving this issue by offering to pay for three months of training at The Code School to any individual from either of those demographics who are interested in sharpening (or just creating) their tech skills.

Google has released an online application for the 3-month voucher, making this offering available to women everywhere. In a recent press conference, a spokesperson for Google stated that these vouchers number in the thousands.

Google has also recently launched it’s $50 million Made With Code initiative, aimed at increasing the interest of  middle and high school girls in the technology industry.

It may be worthwhile for women and minorities in the workforce looking for a career where they can standout to consider these opportunities. With the severe shortage of these individuals in these fields, with some education, hard work and perseverance you can rise through the ranks (while making a HEFTY paycheck as is the norm in these fields) and help pave the way for others in your community.