Google to Donate $200K to Train Black & Latino Girls in Computer Programming

Yesterday, Google announced a donation of $100,000 to the Black Girls Code program, which works to diversify the widely uniform look of White/Asian males in the tech industry.

Saturday’s day-long session at Google’s awesome Chelsea headquarters brought 75 black and Latina girls of ages 12 to 17 years old together. Over six hours, they were taught how to build a mobile app in one day through the use of a simple development kit that allows novice coders to create apps using programming “blocks”. These blocks are basically plug and play commands and functions that combine to animate a function.

Kimberly Bryant, owner of this non-profit organization, is ecstatic to be taking the next steps toward tech diversification and happy to announce the donation is helping the NYC chapter of her company, which spans 7 different states and South Africa, to hire its first full-time employees.

Reports show that middle school aged girls show a strong interest in the STEM career fields (Science, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics), but that interest seems to dissipate by the time they reach college. The most important step in seeking diversification of this lucrative and growing industry, is to make sure our candidates are aptly prepared for any and all of their open positions, giving them less of a reason to not hire us as the best candidate.

We hope Google not only keeps it up but does so when it’s time to bring on new employees.