Guess Who’s Bizzack: D’Angelo Drops New Album After 14 Year Hiatus

I’m not sure if I should be uncomfortable or not that my last memory of D’Angelo was his v-line as he sung to my soul with no clothes on…no the image of this spelndidness doesn’t bother me…it’s the fact that I just realized I was only 12 at the time and head butted the TV trying to get closer to that man.

His last album, Voodoo, was very successful, even winning a Grammy, yet substance abuse and feelings of discomfort with the level of attention paid towards his body instead of his music, (SEE…men have feelings too!) caused him to fade into the background and relative obscurity.

But the man who could once sing the ABC’s and still make you fall in love is back with his new album, Black Messiah, which he released at midnight on Monday. It is available for download on iTunes and surprisingly, he hasn’t missed a beat.

What are your thoughts on the album?