Hero High School Footballer Gunned Down While Saving Lives of His Friends

On Thursday night, 15 year old high school football player, Zaevion Dobson, lost his life while using his body and last breaths to shield 3 teenage girls from the bullets of a senseless act of violence.

The shooters, who may have been gang affiliated or may have been retaliating to their mother getting shot earlier in the day, decided to go on a shooting spree in the neighborhood, which landed them on the porch where Zaevion, his three teenage female friends and his older brother, Zack, were hanging out and enjoying some time just being kids.

A group of men approached the teens and Dobson, at the first sign of danger, jumped over the three girls, using his body to shield them from the bullets. He died shortly after, while all three girls remained safe.

The shooter, 23 year old Brandon Perry, soon after crashed his car into an apartment complex and died a day later.

This young man is absolutely a hero, but it’s truly tragic that his strength and selflessness had to be discovered this way, during the holidays and through two separate families being ruined.

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