He’s 10 Years Old and Makes As Much As You Do…Or More

5 years ago, Cory Nieves moved with his mother from the Bronx to Englewood, New Jersey. ┬áThe public transportation system in Jersey lacks the accessibility and convenience of that in New York and frankly, he’s just tired of it. So naturally, he decided they needed a car.

Yet, unlike most other ten year olds, Cory has done something about it and will most likely be getting that car very soon. He started out by selling hot cocoa in local areas and soon progressed to researching the internet and creating his own all-natural cookie recipe which he now sells at many nearby locations, raking in upwards of $1,000 every weekend for his $1 cookies.

Demand for his cookies has so greatly increased that Cory’s Cookies has now moved from just a labor of love in his kitchen, to a fledgling business with its own commercial kitchen. Besides mastering the culinary field, Cory is also quite the budding fashionisto, as is made evident through his Instragram pictures and over 30,000 followers.

Can’t wait to see what little Cory accomplished by the time he’s 20…goodness. And why does he dress better than most males 3x his age?

cory nieves fashion