H&M Offers Million Dollar Prize For New Recyclable Clothing Ideas

It’s no surprise that we are slowly depleting our nation’s natural resources as we continue to support our “waste economy”, where we buy cheap things, in large masses that we don’t need and throw out half of it. Many of the byproducts are not recyclable, so many of our finished goods, such as our clothes, end up in landfills and clogging the Earth’s pores.

Clothing juggernaut H&M is making a concentrated effort to do their part to solve this growing issue with their new initiative where they’re encouraging the general public to submit their ideas of techniques to recycle clothing. In the past, most industry methods have resulted in sub-par quality items that don’t last and this retailer is looking to find a way to cut down on their waste, in addition to the already successful launch of their newest line of jeans which include recycled cotton in them.

With annual revenues of over $18 billion, H&M is dedicated to finding solutions, not only offering the $1 million prize, but making it an annual award.

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