Homes of Top Black Celebrities

Here’s some #MondayMotivation for you. Forbes recently released their annual list of the world’s 100 most powerful celebrities. This list ranks them on their earning power and the strength of their influence. Though the individuals of color and great wealth were few and far between on that list, here area ┬ácouple of our favorites and the amazing residences they have been able to purchase with their millions (or billions). Take a look at their cribs and be inspired to know that the same and more is within your grasp.

Dr. Dre

Celebrity 100 Rank: No 3

Hollywood Hills Mansion, $35 million

dr dre mansion



Oprah Winfrey

Celebrity 100 Rank: No 4

Chicago Water Tower Luxury Condo, $7.75 million

oprah condo



Celebrity 100 Rank: No 8

Los Angeles Pacific Palisades Mansion, $15 million

rihanna mansion


Bruno Mars

Celebrity 100 Rank: No 13

Honolulu Mansion, $3.35 million

bruno mars mansion


Kobe Bryant

Celebrity 100 Rank: No 15

Newport Coast (California) Mansion, $8 million

kobe bryant mansion


Pharrell Williams

Celebrity 100 Rank: No 38

Miami Bristol Towers Penthouse, $11 million

pharrell penthouse