How One Woman’s Rejection on National TV Propelled Her Business To the Top

While most people would consider rejection on national television to be the worst possible thing that can happen to…well anyone, this entrepreneur not only managed to endure it, but turn it into a huge success for herself and her company.

Melissa Butler is the founder and CEO of The Lip Bar, a company that produces vegan lipsticks in bright eye-catching colors. With cool names like Amaretto Sour and Merlot, this brand appeals to the alcoholic animal lover in us all (and makes me wonder WHAT is in other lipsticks that makes them not vegan…are we rubbing horse ass on our face?)

Butler started the company in 2012 and two years and $107,000 in revenue later, was invited to be a guest on ABC’s Shark Tank. After walking away with 0 offers from any of the sharks and even being told by one of them that she should sell her lipstick to clowns, Butler worked past her feelings of defeat and used the publicity from her episode to boost sales and even create a Lip Bar mobile truck to sell to customers on the road.

She has even been picked up by big names such as Nasty Gal and is continuing to see sales and customer growth. Proof that with the right perspective and conviction, even the most seemingly horrific of setbacks can be a blessing and an opportunity in disguise.

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