How To Find The Cheapest Airfare Online

Want to travel but don’t think you can afford it? Think again. With a little bit of early planning, extra research and due diligence, you can land a great vacation without breaking the bank. The below travel tips can help you make it to that dream destination of yours and leave you with enough money to enjoy your stay as well.

  1. Timing – The best time to buy domestic plane tickets is two to three months in advance. Double that time frame for international tickets.
  2. Comparison Shopping – Expedia, Hotwire and my personal favorite, CheapOAir are all sites that allow you to literally find the cheapest ticket to your destination. Deals can change daily, so using AirfareWatchdog, which monitors ticket prices among different airlines, in combination with the above sites, can help guarantee you get the lowest deal.
  3. Set Alerts – On sites like, you can enter the maximum price you are willing to pay for a ticket and it will notify you if prices drop below that price.
  4. Buy Directly From the Carrier – While Expedia and Hotwire will show you the airlines with the lowest rates for a particular flight, they tack on taxes around $30 when you purchase through them. Your best bet may be to find the airline and then purchase directly from them to avoid the extra fees.
  5. Bidding – While I am not very well-versed in this, sites like Priceline do allow you to bid on tickets, which can lead to much lower prices for you as many do not take advantage of this feature
  6. Yapta – Since many airlines have lowest price guarantees on their tickets, if you can find a lower price, they will reimburse you the difference. Enter your ticket confirmation number at and it will alert you if any tickets arise for a lower price than what you paid.

Happy travels!