Fly On A Private Jet For Less Than $200

“I LOVE waiting in TSA lines to take off my shoes and belt and get felt up by a stranger just to stand on another line to board a plane with no leg room and a crying baby one seat behind me”, SAID NO ONE EVER.

Commercial flights tend to be not the most comfortable or pleasant of experiences, yet most of us have learned to just deal with it as the cost and comfort of private jets was seen as a luxury with prices that made it out of our grasp…until now.

In some cases, it is now possible to fly on a private jet for the same cost (or less) of flying on a regular plane.

A few sites and private jet companies are following in the footsteps of hotels and hotel websites and offering last minute deals on unused inventory on private flights, making it more affordable to the everyday traveler., which flies to over 2,000 airports, aggregates private jet flights with empty seats and offers them at steep “next day” discounts. Some of its recent deals include a flight for four people from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas for $499 ($124 per person), a flight for four people from Orange County to Chicago for $536 ($135 per person) and a flight from Teterboro, NJ, an airport near NYC, to Nassau, Bahamas for six people for $1,074 ($179 per person).

Last-minute traveling isn’t always an option and carriers are taking note of this and offering alternatives. FLITE Air Taxi offers a la carte private plane flights for reasonable rates – a flight from New York City to Martha’s Vineyard costs $541 per person (you must have six passengers in order to fill the plane).

These reduced prices through sites like JetSuite are possible because over 40% of private flights have empty seats and carriers are realizing that highly discounted passengers are still better than no passengers and lost potential income.

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