While colleges all across America are busy with graduation and gearing up for the incoming class of 2018 (damn I’m getting old), Howard University is just had a particularly memorable graduation ceremony and will be revving up their college in a much needed and exceptional way.

howard diddy

Howard’s 146th commencement speaker was Sean “Diddy” Combs. Exactly. The former Howard student, who forewent a degree and left after two years to pursue a “promising position with Uptown Records”, spoke to the graduates about following their passion, being the best version of themselves and to persevere through any and all obstacles to be as successful as possible. Diddy, the unconvential yet highly effective speaker, touched many of those in attendance with his genuine and heartfelt message and words of inspiration, leaving listeners feeling prepared to take on the world as he was able to successfully do.

howard wayne

In addition to having an amazing ceremony, Howard has now been graced with the PERFECT interim president, Wayne A.I. Frederick. A born fighter, he overcame a debilitating and life threatening diagnosis of severe sickle cell anemia to complete earn a medical school degree by the age of 22. He went on to hold a slew of positions both as an active cancer surgeon and in academia and is reveling is his newly appointed position of his alma mater. He assumes this position in the midst of a difficult time for the institution as they face criticisms of subpar academic standards and a lack of the necessary funds to continue operating.

Frederick’s approach to solving these issues is reflective of his surgical background. From his years of working at Howard, he knows the university’s inner workings and is already aware of it’s areas that need improvement. His plan is to tactically go in and remove the “cancerous” aspects, with little to no disruption on those that are working well. He plans to greatly increase the rigor of the schools curriculum by bringing in professors, as well as academic and career advisers. This is all in the hopes to better meet the needs of the students, both during their time there and after they graduate and enter the real world.

We hope Howard is able to regain their prestige and come out on top as one of the best HBCUs and a revered institution of learning.

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