Impatient Husband Invents Hair Dryer That Cuts Our Suffering In Half!

If you’re anything like me, you ABHOR the thought of going to the beauty salon. If it’s not the fact that after they wash your hair you look like the Grand Prize winner of a Wet T-Shirt contest, then it’s the eternity you must spend under the dome of Hades, drying your hair in rollers and burning the tips of your ears with Satan’s own breath. Six hours later, you emerge from the salon, broken but with your roots so straight and shiny you almost forget about the form of Chinese torture you just endured.

42 year old Martin McCurtis found himself spending yet another evening waiting for his wife to finish drying her hair under her dome dryer (which I can just imagine in this summer heat, had the apartment feeling like an OVEN) before they could go out for their date night. Instead of having a fit like most men would, McCurtis decided to take matters into his own hands.

McCurtis created the Momentum hair dryer, which cuts drying time in half. It does so by directing air up and away from the user and through an exhaust fan at the top that expels the excess humidity, helping the air stay dry, drawing in fresh air and allowing your hair to dry faster and with less exposure to damaging heat contact.

He’s currently looking for investors and partners to bring his demo to life. You can support him on his Indiegogo page if you too are tired of suffering the injustices of salon torture.

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