Impress Your Dream Company And Stand Out By Asking These Questions During Your Interview

So you made it through the initial resume screen, sounded intelligent enough to make it through the phone screen and have finally made it to the final round of in person interviews. You have your outfit picked out, did your research on the company and are ready to impress your potential boss and coworkers.

If you REALLY want to leave a lasting mark and make sure that everyone you interview with remembers you before other candidates, you need to make sure that you’re asking the right questions – the ones that show that you’re prepared to join their team and that you know what you’re talking about.

You also want to ask the questions that allow you to learn even more about the company and make sure that it’s a good fit for you too.

Stuck on what you should ask and need some inspiration? Check out some of these questions below that are sure to leave your interviewer thinking “Dayummm…we need him/her IMMEDIATELY.”

The person that you hire for this position, what would they need to possess in order to meet and exceed your expectations?

This shows that you’re really trying to picture yourself in the role and are already looking for ways to thrive within the company. It also shows you’re more interested in what the company needs from you vs. what you are looking to get from them.

How will success in this role be measured? Can you provide actual metrics and accomplishments that would be required?

You’re again showing that you’re proactive, results-oriented and ready to jump in and deliver the results they need.

What is your management style like and how do you prefer that your direct reports communicate with you?

This tells your boss that you’re looking to not only be a good employee, but make his or her life easier by considering what would be the best way to work together cohesively.

Is there opportunity for growth, both vertical (promotions) and horizontal (taking on more responsibilities)?

Now you’re showing initiative and that you see yourself staying at the company long enough to grow with it. Longevity is key.

Why is this position vacant?

This is moreso for your own benefit. You don’t want to be at a company that’s full of angry employees who leave all the time, because you’ll just be the next angry worker to quit in a few months.

Aside from professional attributes, what personalities would you say best mesh with your team?

This shows you’re interested in not only helping the team succeed professionally, but have a vested interest in getting along and creating a great work environment for everyone.

What is your favorite and most challenging part of working for this company?

From my experience, interviewers LOVE this one. Why? First of all, everyone loves to talk about themselves and this gives them a chance to do so. In addition, it shows that you’re really trying to get to know them and get a better understanding for them and the company as a whole.

What is the hardest part of this role?

Again, moreso for you – you want to know what you’ll be struggling to get through. You can also use the answer you get from this question to highlight how some of your strengths will help you tackle the hardest aspects of the position.

What would be next steps and what is your timeline for hiring?

Ehhh – probably for you too. No one wants to sit there waiting to hear back. Get you some piece of mind so you know when you can expect a call.

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