In 3 Months, This Man Made $4.4 Million A Day

femi otedolaFrom March 3rd to June 2nd, Nigerian super entrepreneur Femi Otedola, made $368 million as shares of Forte Oil PLC, of which he has a 40% stake, soared 167%. Yes, 167%.

Fore Oil’s main activities is the distribution of petroleum-based products such as diesel and aviation fuel through the ownership of over 500 gas stations spread across the country, as well as oil storage depots and a power plant.

At 47, Otedola is a constant member of the FORBES List of the 50 Richest Africans, with a newly boosted net worth of around $800 million. If Forte ¬†Oil’s stock continues it’s increase in stock price, Otedola will soon be back in the Billionaire Boys Club, where he once was before the prior drastic drop in stock prices of his currently booming company.