Intel Invests Over $250,000 in This 13 Year Old Boy’s Company

Up until last year, 13 year old Subham Banerjee had no idea what Braille was. Yet, unlike most people, once he found out what it was, he built a company, Braigo Labs, around it and is now the youngest tech entrepreneur to receive investment dollars for his soon to be million dollar company.

Less than a year ago, Subham came across a flyer that was advertising a fundraising event for the visually impaired. Naturally, that got the curious teen wondering how blind people read. After asking his parents, who told him to Google it, he began researching the matter and learned about Braille, the raised bumps that those who cannot see, use to  “read” by using their fingers to decipher the messages.

After learning how much the average Braille printer cost, an outstanding $2,000, Subham decided he wanted to help those who do not have access to that kind of money, still have a chance at being able to read. He used his Lego’s Mindstorms Blocks (I had NO idea Legos were this advanced…I swore you used them to build lopsided castles and then accidentally stepped on them and screamed BLOODY MURDER) to build this first prototype of his printer, which was actually functional.


It attracted the attention of many in the tech industry and even earned him an invitation to the White House.

From there, he went on to build a more sleek looking version. That’s when Intel came running and offered to invest a few hundreds of thousands of dollars into his company. His company will now be bringing the printer to market by next year.

It really is amazing to think that a simple set of Legos and a teenagers desire to help those in need could lead to something this big. Never think you are too young to be successful or too small to enact change.

Some motivation for your Monday.

This article originally appeared in Business Insider.