Jackie Robinson West Player Was A National Champion AND Homeless

When the dust cleared and all the cheering from Wednesday’s parade quieted down, 12 year old Jaheim Benton, who scored the winning home run for Jackie Robinson West to grab them the National Championship, was unable to do what all his other teammates and most other young players in the tournament were able to do…go home.

For over 2 months, Jaheim and his family have toed the line of homelessness, relying on assistance from the government, family and friends to either pay their rent and bills or for a friendly couch to sleep on or warm meal to eat.

His mother, Devona, had her hours at her job as a home care provider at Catholic Charities cut in half after losing a few clients and his father, Frank Jackson, is only able to find part-time work as a radiator technician. Currently, Jaheim is staying with his father and a family friend in Auburn, Gresham.

As the family struggles to make ends meet, there is one beacon of light and display of compassion that must be mentioned. Chicago-based funeral home, Leak & Sons has offered to pay rent for Jaheim’s family for one year! As the details are worked out, the family is hopeful that this will be just the help they need to get back on their feet.

We love the face Jaheim was able to block out everything else and still deliver during this past World Series. We see great things in store for this resilient young man and sure hope he’s a top candidate for that Jackie Robinson Foundation scholarship!