Jackie Robinson West’s Parade And Offer of College Scholarship

Yesterday, thousands of people gathered to celebrate the recent achievements (ahem…national champions) of the Chicago Little League team, Jackie Robinson West, with a parade that spanned from Chicago’s South Side to Downtown.

The look of shock, gratitude and happiness was written all over the 11 and 12 year old boys’ faces as they had no idea that many people would show up just to celebrate them and cheer them on.

The celebration began with the players taking to their field at home base, Jackie Robinson Park in Chicago’s South Side, where a large crowd cheered them on. The general consensus seemed to be that the city needed some great news and something to unite around, amidst all the senseless violence that has been going on in nearby areas.

To add to the joy of this time, the Jackie Robinson Foundation, known for providing college and career prep and scholarships to minority youths, in partnership with US Cellular and the Ford Motor Company Fund, announced it will present a four year college scholarship to a member of the team. The foundation, established by Robinson’s widow in 1973, aims to provide opportunities to some of the most talented young people who may not otherwise be able to continue their education.

This is the true definition of #unity. We love it.