Jasmine Twitty Makes History As Youngest Appointed Judge in South Carolina

While most of us just still trying to figure out our lives and are still in the process of accepting we’re no longer in college and have to be actual adults, Jasmine Twitty is doing big things.

The 25 year old South Carolina native was recently sworn in as as a judge in Easley, SC, making her the youngest to reach this major milestone.

Her indomitable spirit and strong passion for justice are just two of the positive attributes of this new justice of the peace. A recent graduate of the College of Charleston in South Carolina, Twitty has already been recognized for her work in developing the current and next generations of young professionals.

In light of all the troubling happenings of this state, including hate crimes in churches and the controversy surrounding the removal of the confederate flag, Jasmine’s appointment will hopefully serve as a beacon of hope for a broken community and a sign of the good that is yet to come.

Congratulations Jasmine!

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