Jay Z and Will Smith Set to Executive Produce HBO Miniseries on Emmett Till

Coming off the success of Annie, Jay Z and Will Smith are teaming up again to deliver another movie that will feature a young black star. Yet this one will be more educational and a lot less happy go lucky.

Centering on the tale of the short and tragic life of the young Emmett Till, this miniseries, which has already been picked up by HBO, will spend six hours capturing the 14 years and final horrific hours of Emmett, who was tortured and murdered for the “heinous” crime of flirting with a white woman. His body was so disfigured that his family was forced to have a closed casket funeral. His murderers, who were acquitted of his death, later confessed to the murder under the protection of double jeopardy.

The series has yet to be titled or cast, but has promise to re-tell with an urban perspective, a piece of our history we need not forget.

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