John Wall Shows He’s As Great A Person As He Is An Athlete

On Monday night, John Wall and the Washington Wizards beat the Boston Celtics in a ridiculously dramatic double overtime game. Wall racked up 26 points, 17 assists and 7 rebounds, once again proving he is one of the NBA’s biggest rising stars. Yet his most memorable display of the night is not his stellar performance on the court, but what happened once he stepped onto the sidelines for his post game interview.

Over the last few months, Wall had befriended six year old Damiyah “Miyah” Telemaque-Nelson, who he met through a mutual friend and who was fighting a long battle with Burkitt’s lymphoma, a very aggressive form of cancer. Wall had visited Miyah many times and had become closer to the young girl, whose infectious spirit stole the hearts of many, including Nicki Minaj and anyone around who was lucky enough to meet her beautiful soul.

Sadly, Miyah lost her fight with cancer earlier this past Monday, spurring Wall to dedicate the game to her. He played his heart out and can be seen showing just how big that heart is in his interview below. He talks of how the beautiful little girl truly touched him and when asked about her, completely breaks down into tears and walks off camera.

R.I.P to the amazingly strong Miyah and let this be a reminder that life is short and precious and should never be taken for granted. We know John will help her family to carry on her legacy.