Justice for Renisha McBride; Theodore Wafer Found Guilty

Today, a jury in Detroit, Michigan found Theodore Wafer guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter in the November 2013 death of Renisha McBride.

55 year old Wafer was on trial after shooting the 19 year old on his porch around 4:30 in the morning, when she knocked on the door for help after she crashed her car a few feet away. Wafer came to the door with a shot gun in his hand and proceeded to shoot McBride to death.

Wafer pleaded not guilty and his attorney worked to try and prove that his use of his weapon was in self defense. According to them, Wafer was awoken by loud banging on his door and feared that multiple individuals were trying to break in; he claims he feared for his life.

The prosecution argued that although Wafer may have been scared, he had many other options aside from pulling the trigger to end a woman’s life, especially when she had no weapon on her person. They also pointed out the Wafer originally told authorities that the shot was an accident, later recanting his story and going with his assertion of self defense.

Wafer faces a maximum sentence of life in prison for the murder charge and a mandatory sentence of two years in prison for being in possession of a firearm while a felony was committed. He is scheduled to be sentenced on August 21st.

While no punishment can ever bring Renisha back to her family and friends, we hope it will at least serve as some type of comfort to know that justice will be served.