Kickstart Diversity Is Here to Bring Some Flavor to Hollywood

If you’ve seen at least one movie in the last…ohhhh I don’t know…50 years, you are aware of the lack of diversity in color. Behind the scenes, Hollywood is run by a uniform crew of middle aged, white (Jewish) males, and that is greatly reflected in the on screen casts, which tend to be center around Caucasian leads and black support roles, many of which are stereotypical characters in nature (thugs, slaves, crazy baby mommas).

As movies with predominantly black casts continue to be classified as “urban” and other offensive terms that basically mean “negro films”, media incubator Big Vision Empty Wallet (BVEW) is looking to disrupt this industry with its new incentive program, Kickstart Diversity. This initiative aims to boost the amount of women, people of color and LGBT individuals in film and television across all roles from actors and actresses, to writers, producers, directors and more.

Submissions to the program are open all year long on a rolling basis, particularly for diverse teams with strong business plans. ¬†Projects that are selected will qualify to participate in BVEW’s distribution lab, addressing one of the biggest issues that “non-mainstream” productions face – distribution and getting their pieces shopped around and viewed my the masses.

Bonus – our girl Issa Rae is on the advisory board!

Have a great project or know someone who does? Head over here to learn more about the program.

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