Know Your Worth! This Online Tool Tells You The Salary You Should Be Getting Paid

If you’re like the rest of us, you have often gotten stuck wondering just how much you can ask your boss for when you’re up for a raise, or how much you can ask a new company for when you are interviewing for a new position.

You guestimate, don’t want to ask for too much and turn them away, but don’t want to ask for too little and undervalue yourself or still be poor. Stressful is an understatement.

Well rest assured that you can now make sure to ask for the amount you’re really worth thanks to the new online tool, Adzuna. Adzuna filters through their online database of information and provides you with an estimate of what your salary should be based on your skills and experience.

Simply upload your resume to the site and it will be scanned, analyzed and crunch out a pretty accurate number for you. This is a London-based start-up, so your salary will be given to you in pounds, but a simple google search of the conversion rate can easily show you your salary in US dollars.

I personally tried this, as well as a few friends and the results are actually pretty spot on. Give it a try and find out exactly what you should be making!

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