KweliTV – The Black Netflix Created By A Black Woman

If you are anything like me, you have unabashedly lost hours upon hours of your life, binge watching shows via streaming services like Hulu Plus and Netflix, forcing yourself off your couch only for bathroom breaks or to answer the front door for the food delivery guy.

Rest assured, you can now continue your life of slothness, but while supporting the black community! KweliTV (kweli means truth in Swahili) is the newest kid on the online content block and looking to make some waves in the industry.

According to it’s website, this platform will host documentaries, indie films and web series for and by the black community at large. You can try the first 30 days for free and if you sign up now during their beta phase, it’s just $19.99 for the year…that’s how much I spend on just snacks for one binge watching session.

The business was founded by DeShuna Spencer, a graduate of Jackson State University and serial social entrepreneur.

If their content is as good as Awkward Black Girl or An African City, we will definitely be signing up…will you?

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