Larenz Tate Joins Fight To Help Young Black Men Succeed

Actor Larenz Tate, yes THE Larenz Tate from Love Jones, has partnered with a new California initiative to help young men succeed.

Tate has worked with BLOOM (Building a Lifetime of Options and Opportunities for Men) for the past two years and has recently signed on as their official spokesman.

“We’re getting these young brothers to get back into school, complete high school, get some job training and get them back on the right track because once they get in that juvenile system, or they get involved with the courts, it’s hard for them,” explained Larenz.

The program, which is part of the California Community Foundation, assists young men of color between the ages of 14 to 18 to succeed in school, obtain employment and work towards a better future for themselves.

Now we can not only love him for his face, but his amazing character and commitment to giving back to the community.